Thursday, January 31, 2013

Exe2ahk Gui v1.0

Exe2Ahk Gui v1.1

I have created a small GUI which gives you the comfort of decompiling Autohotkey Compiled exe's without going through command-line.

How to Use

Make Sure to keep the three, exe2ahk.exe exe2ahk gui.exe and readme.txt in Same Folder.
Run exe2ahk gui.exe !!
Browse for Source exe,Browse for destination ahk,Enter Password if required and click Run.


>Allows you to use exe2ahk in a GUi Environment.
>Added Option to select where to save .ahk file.
>Has the ability to notify you when your ahk is not extracted i.e you are either
hitting a Worng Password Or the exe isn't decompilable OR the name is with a Space.See 1st point [ISSUES AND TROUBLESHOOTING]

Issues and Important Points

  • Make Sure to keep the Source Name i.e. the Exe's name without Spaces..i.e Rename "my ass script.exe" to "myassscript.exe" or anything else without space before Decompiling.... In the same way When Selecting a target to save your extracted .ahk keep the .ahk name Space-less (Without Spaces)
  • Make Sure you write the [correct Password] before decompiling.Usually Compiled exe's have long passwords so I have not masked the characters of the Password Field.
  • If no Destination Path of Script will be Selected, *.ahk will be extracted in the folder of the exe.
  • If nothing is typed in Password field,it means Exe has no Password.
  • In some computers,if you are saving .ahk on Desktop you may face Problems when you open the already specified location using the Program.

Direct Link (Old Version) - DOWNLOAD
Latest Version - DOWNLOAD

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Nch Softwares:Use Trial Forever

NCH Softwares:Use Trial for-ever Crack

Today I will show you how to use a unregistered version of a Nch Software (Stuff like Wavepad,Videopad) forever.
You can visit NCH at .
There are at least four full-proof techniques to crack Nch Security.Let's examine them one by one.

Time Stopper Trial Stop

Using Time Stopper one can easily extend trial period of Nch Softwares to forever.For those who don't know Time Stopper is a free utility which can extend the trial time of a software to forever. Get Time Stopper at or a Non-Installation version here.
Okay how to use TimeStopper..Well its easy,open the time stopper Window.
Browse the exe to Trialstop.
Select the date on the Calender.Mostly Recommended the day after the day you have installed the Trial-Software.
Enter a name for Desktop Shortcut and done.Now open your program using the shortcut created on desktop and you will get a software that never ends.
Remember to keep the directory of TimeStopper unchanged in case you use the Portable

2nd Technique:Deleting Registry

Suppose you have installed VideoPad and you are currently facing Trial-Expire Message.Now,the other thing you can do is to search in registry for Videpad and NCH and delete all the Registry Items though I not recommend this as this can be dangerous.

3rd Technique:Reinstall

To enjoy unlimited Software,you can also reinstall the software that has ended its trial period.For uninstallation part of the Trick use a good unistaller such as IObit Unistaller or Revo Uninstaller.(Just Google them).Also before installation part use a crap cleaner such as CCleaner or AdvancedSystemCare Free to remove old junk items.By using a good unistaller and crap cleaner you make sure that no Unwanted old trackers of those old softwares are left.

4th Technique:Get This(The Best One)

I Have created a Thinapp Pack with the two most used Softwares,VideoPad and WavePad.This is a Trial-Resistant Package and you can use it as long as possible. Here's an insight.
Get the pack from <<here>>
Unzip the .7z file with Winzip or any Zip Software.
You Will notice the pack contains 2 exe's one of Videopad and one of Wavepad and a folder.Keep the three of them in the same directory.
I have not added the various components such as mp3el2.exe,acc.exe and many others so you will have to download them by your own.
Whenever you face a error such as Trial-over and so on,delete the Registry files in the 'The NCH Collection folder' as seen in the image below. As Videopad and Wavepad trail end in 14 days,you will have to delete them once in 14 days.

If you face any Problems,Please Comment.

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