Time Stopper Portable

Time Stopper Portable Highly Compressed Exe(0.1 Mb)

From the Author:

Time Stopper is a tiny utility which eliminate the time limit existing into trial software usage period.

Time Stopper works with any software executable file and practically will extend the trial period of the program for an unlimited amount of time.

Time Stopper is very easy to install and use: you just have to browse for the executable file of trial program (generally located in C:Program Files) and select the new installation date. Now, your program trial period will be automatically extended to another 30 / 90 days, depending on the software.

TimeStopper will not modify the time and date of the operating system, therefore is safe to use.Using Time stopper you can use trial version software without expiring. If you don't have enough trial period of any trial version software you can extend the trial period using Time Stopper.  However,We recommend to buy trial version software which you really want.

From Me

Yes,this tiny utility can freeze time and make your trial go FoRever
I Have tested the Utlilty on Nch Softwares,Thinapp & many more and it works without flaws..
So yes it's a Super software for Every home user who doesn't wants to save 1000's of Bucks on Soft Things...<>

You can actually download this utility from Their site.
   If u are looking for a Portable Version,this is where you can get it..

So,move on have this free download.

Keep the downloaded exe in a local Folder.
for eg -> c:/time stopper
Run the exe and Create Time Stopper shortcuts.
Use the shortcuts to open and run programs without restrictions.


CHEERS. .....And Be Sure to check how to get Windows 8 (OR Even Better) Interface in Windows 7.

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  1. Well. thanx man .. the original timestopper weighred some 2 mbs.i had a slow connection So urs did the job 4 me.thnx..